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Since 1988 Rural Musicians Forum has been offering an annual Music Award, currently in the amount of $200, to a graduating senior from River Valley High School in Spring Green, who intends to pursue a career in music, theater or dance, as a performer, administrator or educator.

The River Valley High School Guidance Department coordinates the application process, using its “Local Scholarship Application” form as follows:

Student Name:                                                DOB:
Address:                                                         Phone:
GPA:                                                               ACT:
Choice of Post-Secondary School:
State your anticipated course of study:
Describe future goals and ambitions:
List any extra-curricular school activities you have been involved in:
List or describe any community service you have participated in:
List any awards, achievements, creative projects, hobbies and outside interests:
How have you demonstrated leadership and maturity in high school?
How do you plan to finance your education?
Please explain why you should receive this award:
List any known scholarships you will receive:
Include three personal references:
Attach a letter of recommendation.


The Rural Musicians Forum Board of Directors selects the recipient of the award and presents it on Scholarship Awards Night.  Recipients for the past ten years were:

2015 Joseph Meinholtz
2014 Madeline Ehlinger
2013 Emily Brewer
2012 Brady Schaaf
2011 Kailey Jacobson
2010 Caitlin Miller
2009 Riley Hopkins
2008 Erin Steele
2007 Amanda Stoltz
2006 Kristi Tabrizi
2005 Megan Emery
2004 Erin nelson
2003 Allison Fargen                                                                                                   


For further information on the RMF Music Award for 2015 contact:

Rural Musicians Forum, Inc.
John Hess, Treasurer
P.O. Box 411
Spring Green, WI 53588. 
Email: [email protected]