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Sandra Shane-DuBow
Sandra Shane-DuBow is a certified mediator with a practice in alternate dispute resolution. Trained as a psychologist of law, her research focus was on decision-making and judicial discretion. She lectured on sentencing and related critical justice issues for over 30 years, served as principal investigator on major studies of judicial decision-making, and wrote numerous books and articles. Ms. Shane-DuBow was the executive director of a state agency and the director of the division of law at a non-profit research institute. She was a research fellow and consultant at the University of Wisconsin Law School, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the University of Chicago Law School, among others. During her career she has been active as a board member and/or officer for many not-for-profit organizations. Her contributions to these boards have been in the areas of administrative oversight, personnel matters, board relations, financial development, strategic analysis, and business plan creation. Currently, she is a Trustee of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, a member of the Board of Governors of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, a member of the Board of Directors of American Players Theatre, and also of Chicago area not-for-profit boards dealing with the arts, architecture, and provision of social services for the indigent. She has a working farm in the nearby town of Clyde.