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M Kent Mayfield
Director-at-Large (Artistic Director)
Kent brings to his work with the Rural Musicians Forum wide experience in strategic planning, fundraising and the management of charitable, non-profit and professional organizations. His career includes small-college teaching and administration, with degrees in theater, literature and theology and a doctorate in modern Japanese theater, drawing upon several years of teaching in Japan. Ordained as an American Baptist minister, Mayfield has for some years served congregations in the Unitarian-Universalist tradition. He sings with a number of local chamber and larger choral groups, performs occasionally as an actor. As one of the founding members of Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin, Kent maintains visibility in regional civic affairs. A breeder of Egyptian Arabian horses, he is active in equine conservation and sits on the Board of Directors of The Pyramid Society, an international organization of breeders of Egyptian Arabian horses. He and his partner of 30 years, make their garden grow on a farm in the hills north of Dodgeville.