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carrying forward a clear artistic vision

The Artistic Liaison of  the Forum is an independently motivated, musically knowledgeable person who directs and manages all phases of the Forum’s musical programming, under the general direction and supervision of the Forum’s Board of Directors.   

In naming Kent Mayfield as Artistic Liaison for the Rural Musicians Forum, President Sandra Shane-Dubow said, “Not only is the Liaison the artistic head of the Forum, he is expected to serve as a community leader for the arts: an advocate, ambassador and teacher working on behalf of the Forum in the wider community of southwestern Wisconsin.

We look to Kent to carry forth a clear artistic vision for the organization as a whole that is anchored in his own passion for music and its significance in the community.”


The work of the Rural Musicians Forum moves forward an collaboration of  musicians, audiences, and communities who share a vision. Passion, intellect, insight, musical talent, and charisma all come into play. 

What Kent Mayfield brings to his role as Artistic Liaison is a compelling view of the impact that music can have on a community, and an ability to realize that potential through programming, education, outreach, and other activities.